Retention and recall are the two features of human memory most closely related to performance on tests.

These exam preparation courses focus on increasing both retention and recall of the exam topics. (The other human characteristic involved in successfully passing the exam is intelligence, but these courses do not address that issue! Check out the MENSA links on left for that.)


Adults’ retention is typically less than that of children. For example, it is common for 7-year-olds to pick up basic language skills in a new country faster than their parents. Children retain facts as an end unto itself; adults typically either need a stronger reason to remember a fact or must have a reason to think about that fact several times to retain it in memory. Memory recall is based on connectors to the information that needs to be recalled. The greater and stronger the number of connectors to a piece of information, the better the chance and speed of recall. The focus during presentation of the course material is to increase retention and recall of the topic at the time that is most needed, taking the test. This is accomplished by using a methodical approach that includes emphasis of the main topics, by connecting the topic to events from everyday life and by using phraseologies and key words to establish the connectors that will be needed for the adult student to retain the topic and then recall it.


For example, if the exam asks what's included in Administrative closure , you automatically add information to the question. You know the topic is closing the project because of the nature of the test. You might recall the term "documenting project results" which implies formal acceptance. Of course, because the test is multiple-choice, if only one answer contains “obtaining formal acceptance,” you have a pretty good guess. Having read the answer “Obtaining formal acceptance of the project by the client,” you might even have the infamous “aha” experience, in which you are then sure that your answer is correct (and possibly a brightly lit light bulb is hovering inside your head). All these added facts and assumptions are the connectors that eventually lead your brain to the fact that needs to be recalled.


We claim that in our school a student with average intelligence  is capable of retaining around 50% of the material just by uninterrupted  attendance. This percentage is actually very high considering that with a good review of the material you can assure yourself of passing the test on the subject matter. Come join us to experience learning that tickles your brain and then feel the success by passing the tests!